As part of the construction work, you may require a site to be cleared of vegetation and for volumes of soil, excavated spoil or new materials to be moved, graded, spread & levelled, or removed completely.  We can either undertake this manually or by machine - using mini digger & dumper, depending on the scale of the project and the volume of materials to be moved.  In some cases, it is only possible to move material manually, as use of machinery may cause too much damage to areas that are to be retained.  We will do our best to accommodate your preferred methods and obviously the price will reflect this.

We usually like to spray all areas of grass, lawn and low level vegetation at least two weeks prior to commencing any earth moving.  This enables the vegetation to be easily broken down when it is replaced & levelled and reduces the amount of disposal of ‘green waste’, one of the most expensive forms of material to dispose of to landfill.  It also enables us to recycle the highest volume of topsoil, which is often lacking on many housing estates.  We can also remove trees where this is necessary and any other vegetation, much of which can be logged for firewood, or shredded, composted & reused as a soil improver or mulch towards the end of the project.

When excavating, moving, spreading and levelling, we work systematically & carefully to minimise cross contamination of subsoil, topsoil & sand, etc.  We also take care to ensure that the layers are replaced in the correct order and that good quality soil in not buried beneath undesirable material such as excavated rubble and clay, unless there is enough good quality soil to cover the area being built up, for example when terracing an uneven site.

Also, in conjunction with our construction projects we will install surface water drains – bottle galleys and grid drains, services e.g. water & electric or even provide & install ducting with future work in mind, thus minimising later disturbance to finished surfaces.  If you have a particularly wet or waterlogged lawn, we can investigate the cause and suggest various ways of rectifying the problem, such as installing land drainage or improving the soil structure by incorporating sharp sand.  All drainage work is installed in line with local planning laws and will either be directed to a new or existing soak away on your property, to an existing land drain, or in some exceptional circumstances, to your domestic drainage system where this is approved by the local planning authority.

We offer a full range of services, and have in-house skills, knowledge & experience to help with any aspect of planning & design work through to specialist bespoke construction and we can undertake all work related to gardens & outdoor spaces, including: trees & plants; paths, patios & driveways; and walls, fences & all garden structures.  We are happy to undertake jobs of any size and type, offering a complete package or just the specific task you require.

Whatever the job, we take the same, time, care & professionalism and leave the site clean & fit for purpose both during construction and more importantly upon completion.  Although we have wide experience in our everyday work, if there is a specialist area where we need some help, we do have a number of experts we can use, or put you in touch with.

If necessary, we will provide protection for lawns & features to be retained by using boards, sheets & planks and possess the majority of the equipment & tools required to undertake the type of work that you see on our website.  Our equipment is well maintained, fit for purpose and serviced by a local expert.  For specialist tools, such as mini diggers, dumpers and compaction plates, we hire these from regular suppliers, whose equipment is dependable.

Much of what we do is individually pre-planned and measured, often down to the finest detail and we have a number of regular suppliers from whom we can usually source the materials in the specific quantities required.  This ultimately saves time when we are working on site, enabling us to concentrate on the finished levels, detailing and overall appearance.  It also ensures that the materials are most effectively and economically used and you only buy what is required without leaving excessive wastage.

Our work is normally scheduled systematically and we aim to recycle as much of the waste as is possible on site, minimising the unnecessary & costly use of landfill disposal & new materials.  If, however, materials need to be removed, we try to separate the waste to enable off site recycling to benefit the environment and keep the cost down.

If you have a specific feature or project in mind, our price is usually itemised and detailed, depending on the complexity of the job.  We discuss fully the various options available so you can choose the best one for your garden.  We may provide supporting information such as plans, sketches & sectional drawings to clarify what is proposed.  Prices are realistic and allow for the work to be completed to a high standard using correct techniques, safe working practices and best possible materials & craftsmanship, paying particular attention to fine detailing, and taking vernacular architecture & customer preferences into consideration.

What can we do for you?

List of Services



Ground Work & Drainage

Ponds & Water




Turfing, Seeding

& Lawn Care


Pruning & Removal



Design & Build


Whatever the size & style of your garden; contemporary or traditional, designs require careful consideration from both employer & designer & ideally should never be rushed.  We will visit you typically two or three times during the design process (our initial visit – to prepare a brief, undertake a preliminary survey & to provide a quotation for the agreed works are free) usually over 6 – 8 weeks, longer if required.  Our initial visit to prepare a brief, undertake a preliminary survey & to provide a quotation for the agreed design work is free.  Gardens should not just look good but they should meet the client’s needs.  We listen carefully to your aspirations & requirements and typically provide a series of sketch designs before sitting down with you to draw up your dream garden/feature.

Although we have built many of the gardens we have designed, we do accommodate self builders & have even worked alongside our clients in some instances passing on skills & advice along the way.  We can also provide more detailed plans, sectional detailing & specifications in conjunction with project management of the installation.

Whilst our gardens & features are designed specifically for our individual customers & often involve bespoke craftsmanship we are willing & able to undertake more conventional ‘off the shelf’ projects.  If you have seen any ideas that you like in our website, portfolio, or anywhere else for that matter, we will find a way to incorporate these into a design to suit your site and brief.


We have designed most of the projects that we have constructed, but we will be pleased to provide a quotation for constructing a job that you have had designed by someone else, or for individual projects where a design consultation is not really necessary, for example, replacing a tired patio.

The type of construction work we regularly undertake includes drives (not tarmac), paths and patios, and associated edgings in brick, block, stones, metal, plastic and timber.  We specialise in intricate detailing for interest and flowing natural curves, where more informal designs are employed.  We will always try to take into consideration adequate and suitable drainage to collect and discharge surface run off in line with current local planning laws.

We build many bespoke timber features including entrance gates, doors, fences, pergolas & archways, platforms & decks and other timbre structures.  As well as building walls to terrace sloping sites, we carry out repairs to and sometimes build new boundary & retaining walls, e.g. for raised beds, steps, ramps & ponds and the like.

We have a wealth of experience in undertaking difficult projects, whether they are steep/awkward slopes; difficult access or awkward shaped plots, which often actually result in some of the most interesting gardens.  Despite presenting a challenge, all of these types of projects help to keep the mind active and push the boundaries of what is achievable in a given space.  We are not afraid of challenges and if you have an unusual plot or site, we have the experience and expertise to deliver a garden to meet and exceed your brief.  “The impossible we can do, but the miracles take a little longer.”

We undertake our own construction work, rather than employing other staff or subcontractors who generally require supervision.  This may mean that it takes a little longer to complete projects and move onto the next job, but it does enable us to maintain our personal contact & customer satisfaction.

Our clients often remark of their pleasure concerning the fluidity & flexibility of our approach to the construction phase; even that most detailed planning & design can overlook the complexities of practical construction & spatial division.


Planting may take the form of trees, specimen shrubs, shrubs, native whips (especially for hedge/woodland plantings), herbaceous & woody perennials and bulbs/corms; typically, they are not all available for planting at the same time.  If we are struggling to source anything, we may obtain alternatives, with your agreement, or wait and plant at a later date in conjunction with seasonal things, particularly bulbs, as plants have a relatively short shelf life in comparison to many other landscape materials. 

We have various nurseries that we use depending on what is required, including a number of specialist nurseries for one off specimens, while others will try to source everything we need.  Alternatively you could try contacting Crocus who supply direct to the public.  For the most important specimens & feature plants, we have arranged nursery inspections, in conjunction with our suppliers enabling clients to see and tag the actual plants for lifting and delivery in the winter, or to see examples of what is available for special order.

For those of you with larger gardens, our ability to consider & undertake pruning of trees growing high above the rest of the garden, enables us to consider the landscape & its structural elements as a whole and gives you a single port of call for the gardens needs.

Not only do we undertake new planting work, but we have the skill and expertise to rejuvenate and refresh existing borders.  We can help select the best plants to be retained and undertake the most appropriate form of pruning.  Our aim is to make it appear that nothing has been done, but at the same time, keeping the garden under control.  We will also grub out roots, especially in places where stump grinders cannot get or when it is preferential to remove all old material before replanting.

Sometimes we find that plants are not quite in the best location and we can advise you if it is possible to move these plants; and subsequently move them if you wish.  People are often surprised at how large a plant can be successfully moved.  Having decided what to save, we can help remove the undesirable plants and weeds, improve the soil if necessary, replant any bulbs that we find during the course of the work, offer advise on replacement material, and supply & plant if you so wish.  Whether you need a delicate touch or a quick and cost effective tidy up, we have the ability, knowledge and dedication – we will not give up until the job is completed.

Tree Pruning & Removal

We have undertaken specialist training and are certificated and insured to undertake specialist pruning and careful dismantling of trees to be removed, that happen to be in awkward positions/locations.  We do prefer to retain trees in the landscape, but if they are in the wrong location, are under stress, diseased or becoming dangerous or they are simply not suitable for their location, it is best to be proactive and remove the tree before it becomes dangerous to do so. 

We have a small trailed chipping machine, which we can manoeuvre into most open gardens without damaging the lawn, and will comfortably chip up to 3 inch diameter wood.

We specialise in pruning (crown lifting, crown thinning and overall crown reductions) and retaining trees always trying to make them look as natural as possible even though they may be substantially smaller, and reducing and trimming large hedges. 

We use our experience and expertise to complete the work at the correct time of year depending upon the work to be undertaken, and the type of tree or shrub alike; also, to leave the tree looking in its most natural shape possible.  Before any work is undertaken, we will check with the relevant Local Authority to find out if there are any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) or Conservation Orders covering the trees in your garden.  If there are, we will make the necessary application, requesting permission to undertake the work on your behalf under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.  This will usually take approximately 8 weeks, and if required, it does not mean that you cannot do anything to the particular tree; it just means that we have to notify the Local Authority.  Failure to comply with this can result in fines to the contractor and client alike.


Lighting can enhance the look of the garden and extend its functionality further into the night when weather permits, both providing for safe navigation and outdoor entertaining.  If you think that lighting may be of interest to you, it pays to think about this before redesigning/remodelling your garden, as it is easier to incorporate it into a new build than trying to add it later; lifting and relaying paving for example is costly and usually remains visible for years after the work takes place.  Whilst we are not authorised to undertake electrical wiring, when the need arises, we do work closely with a specialist supply and installation company.  Equally, we have worked alongside electricians of our clients’ choice.

Ponds & Water Features

We undertake construction and installation of formal and informal ponds and pools, fully integrated or partially raised.  We have also constructed rills, streams, cascades and fountains; or for those who are worried about children drowning, safe bubble fountains.  Some ponds have been naturally filled using the water discharged from existing buildings.  Most ponds are carefully lined with a flexible butyl liner sandwiched between underlay, to provide protection from above as well as underneath, and usually incorporate retaining walls to keep the surrounding ground stable; brick work has also been used internally for a top quality finish. 

They do require a larger hole in the ground than you may think and a lot of the natural overall area needs to be stocked with plants to maintain healthy, natural balance to the water.  Also, please be sure you are prepared for the high level of maintenance that they demand.  They do however add an important element to the overall design, both visually and audibly, with flowing, trickling and dripping water; they are reflective, calming and also valuable for wildlife and pets.


Naturally, we prefer to undertake construction work ourselves, but for budding self builders, or those who are more price driven, we can provide a service to assist with setting out and general building advice in addition to our specification and construction drawing services.  For others, who may be concerned about the construction methods being employed by another contractor, we would be pleased to provide a third party viewpoint.  All of these services would be charged on an hourly basis plus travelling time.

Thanks ever so much for the lovely garden that you have landscaped for us.

Justin & Claire

Turfing, Seeding & Lawn Care

We undertake all preparation for and laying of turf and sowing of grass seed for lawns and meadow areas, also renovation work.  If we have undertaken any landscape construction work, and for example altered levels, it is good to replace the old lawn with a fresh new one, or maybe the lawn is now in a completely different place.

If your lawn is rather tired looking and uneven, or maybe it has sunk, improving the soil to make up the levels and replacing with turf is a good way to improve the look of a lawn without undergoing major improvement and top dressing work, which can leave lawns looking unsightly for long periods of time, especially as our weather is currently so unpredictable.  At the right times of year, a new lawn can be bedded in with turf in as little as two or three weeks, even with minimal watering (weather permitting).


We accommodate more general maintenance work – border weeding, regular hedge cutting, grass cutting and spraying.  Indeed Andy has undertaken and passed PA1 & PA6 for handling chemicals and application with a knapsack sprayer.  We do value this work, especially in the current economic climate, and have a number of regular customers who we may visit on a fortnightly, three weekly or monthly basis for grass cutting and general weeding & pruning.  All of our equipment is well maintained and serviced and we are fully insured.

  Throughout it all the work progressed smoothly, beautifully and tidily. You’ve been a pleasure to have around ... and the workmanship has been superb.

Gerry & Dave

Design & Build

We can provide a design and build service, which you may find will save the lengthy and sometimes expensive process involved with the production of scaled drawings, sectional details and specification writing.  We usually charge a nominal fee to cover our consultation and single design sketch.  This is often refundable, depending on the value of work you later employed us to undertake.  Obviously, this places a lot of your trust in us from the outset, interpreting your brief into a single sketch layout. However, we can still provide a detailed quotation, even from a sketch layout with site measurements, using the knowledge that we build up of you and the site during the consultation period.

We would obviously expect at least some, if not all of the work to be constructed by us, and if at any stage you decided not to proceed, we reserve the right to charge for our design ideas at the going rates.

Ground Work & Drainage